About Cher

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry Cher Tollefson has closed transactions in every type of real estate market. Cher understands that every sale has its’ own set of unique parameters and challenges.

"It is the entire process," says Cher, "from meeting new people, helping them define goals and then setting about making their dreams come true. Real estate for me is a very rewarding and satisfying career!" Find a realtor with experience.

Cher speaks and lives with real country experience. She and her husband own the historic waterfront farm Historic Kirchem Farm.com in Clackamas County just east of Oregon City. Together they farm Christmas trees and share smiles as their horses frolic nearby. They are developing a heritage apple orchard and creating a beautiful wedding location on the Clackamas River.

Beyond a residential realtor’s repertoire, Cher knows the ins and outs of barns, arenas, wells and water, etc. Cher's experience is not only with rural land. Her interests embrace all types of homes and property throughout Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion, and Polk counties.

Cher will help you define your goals and requirements, and then design a plan to quickly and effectively reach those goals. Enthusiasm and hard work Cher brings the proper education, experience and enthusiasm to this job. She has confidence in the quality of her work and enjoys doing a good job for her clients. Find a realtor who really enjoys their work Cher Tollefson likes working on finding a simple but great residential home in the perfect neighborhood, just as much as she enjoys connecting a buyer with the perfect unique equestrian or retreat property.


"I have known Cher Tollefson for several years now. Not just once, but many times I have heard Cher say, "I really love my work!" You do not hear that type of enthusiasm every day, so when I got ready to list my home Cher was the real estate professional I chose to work with, and I am glad I did. It was the right decision for me."

-Kris Tabor Clackamas County, Oregon

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